Yurii Sekretar Hard and Soft

Building and Launching Digital Products

I’ve written a lot of code, fixed a bunch of bugs and successfully launched hundreds of projects with the companies and clients I’ve worked for since 2003 when my career as a software developer began. I’ve decided to dedicate some of my time to blog on a topic I feel passionate about, namely, how do you build and launch digital products? I not only have a strong base of experience upon which to draw, but I continue experimenting and getting new feedback from current projects. My belief in transparency and culture of exchanging knowledge drives me to share what I’ve learned, what’s worked, what’s failed and what I’m still figuring out.

It will be interesting to see how the blog experiment will turn out and if my articles will be right and helpful. I want to be sure that I understand and share useful material. So if you are a software developer, a team leader or project manager searching for the way to solve a problem or correct approach to building complex products, this blog is the place where you can get ideas by learning from my way doing it and share your opinion on that.

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