Yurii Sekretar Hard and Soft



I’m a professional software developer currently shaping the future of smart intercom at ButterflyMX, while living in California with my family.

Personal Motivations

Apart from leading Mobile Team at ButterflyMX where I am working on mobile app used by people to enter their homes, I also freelance for several companies and clients to help me understand how different people interact with different platforms and keep me up to date with fast growing technology world.

I am working in software development over 14 years. Started as support team member answering phone calls and now creating software with effortless user experience.

The lesson I learned been generalist is to become an expert in field I work with. By mastering many languages, platforms, and practices I can choose the best one for each task I have.


Follow me on social platforms and if you’d like to talk about a project you want help with or need an advice about your mobile app, just email me.