Yurii Sekretar Hard and Soft


I’ve spent the last years developing mobile applications and designing complex digital products. This experience allowed me to acquire wide range of skills as a software engineer. Building products from the start, releasing new features, analyzing customers’ interactions, seeing how people use my apps and continuously improve them is what I love the most about my job!

You can get my detailed skills from blog posts. But here I want to define them as “Design + Code + Infrastructure”.



To create a robust, scalable and flexible approach to designing interfaces I turned to a systems-thinking inspired by Brad Frost’s practice of Atomic Design. By leveraging the Atomic Design principles of composable, reusable and modular design elements, as well as the powerful symbols functionality in Sketch, I was able to recognize the need to develop thoughtful design systems, rather than creating simple collections of screens and pages.


My approach is to make a broad plan, and then get creating. I build a small piece, test it, discuss it, refine plan, and then do the whole thing over again. Creations grow organically, gradually increasing in size and complexity. This gives the freedom to adapt, incorporate new information, and launch the best product possible.


Building real-time applications is today standard that can become nightmare without right infrastructure. I start by defining the problem, plan ahead and consider that the simplest approach is often the best.